In order to boost the PPT development healthiness, the pumpking team decided after a careful discussion to launch a burn plan for the 5% PPT tokens owned by Pumking team starting tomorrow.

The burn cycle is every 15 days, and the first burn date is 17:00 (GMT+8) on September 22, 2020. The team will burn all the PPT tokens that have been generated during the period.

The burn process will continue until the reserved 5% of the tokens for the team are all burned.

Team mainnet account: dmk6andhjmx

Thanks to all community users for their continued support to Pumpking nodes, we will continue to update Pumpkin and bring you high-quality products and user experience. Also, we will host more exciting events in the near future, so stay tuned!

To know more about how burning works, please visit this page.

IOST Partner Node,

Pumpking Team

  • Date: 16:00 (GTM +8), September 18, 2020
  • Topic: 0 handling fee, farm pumpkin, if you want to DeFi come to IOST!
  • Guest: Kerr, CEO of Pumpkin
  • Profile pic

Kerr is the CEO of Pumpkin (PPT). Hello Kerr, welcome to the SWFT community! Could you briefly introduce yourself to us?

1. We are seeing many liquidity mining projects and PPT is one of them. Could you introduce Pumpkin to us?

  • Token Symbol: PPT
  • Supply: 2,927,232 PPT
  • Contract Address: Contractzz6ihpEjkY1zADZPzwE4eFW6u7Rkr6k2C6e2HRG2TGh

1. What is Pumpkin?🎃🎃🎃

  • Fully operated by the community
  • Zero-risk investment
  • Zero private investment
  • No pre-mine
  • High yield

2. What is Pumpkin Token (PPT)🎃🎃🎃

Pumpking Official

A silky smooth version of #Sushiswap on #IOST. Farm Pumpkins all year round.

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